Covid19 Information

Updated 27th January 2021


COVID-19 continues to raise challenges in school and Harbour School takes its duty of care very seriously. We have a detailed Risk Assessment that guides our practices to ensure that both pupils and staff are as safe as possible and that we can remain open.

As a ‘special school’ we are open for all our pupils where they can follow procedures to keep themselves and others safe. Being open enables us to offer our curriculum to pupils face-to-face and this is great news.
Where pupils are not able to attend, we have remote access to our curriculum and this blended learning is based on an individual level of need.
The school has remained COVID-19 free thanks to the hard work of staff, cooperation of pupils and support from our parents. Harbour School is also operating the Lateral Flow Testing to identify early anyone who is asymptomatic but has COVID-19.

Our Risk Assessment, Remote Learning Statement and Offer are described below (click the download links to view/download the document):

HSD Catch Up Action Plan – Download

HSD Remote Education Information for Parents – Download

HSD Remote Learning Statement – Download

HSD Risk Assessment Response to Covid19 SR V5 – Download