Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Harbour School Dorset (HSD), part of Delta Education Trust.

Opening a new school is both an exciting and challenging time. This year’s children, parents and the new staff will be our Founding Cohort. It is such a privilege to be able to offer so many pupils the next chapter in their education, whatever their starting point. Whilst the school is new there are also many challenges ahead. Challenges that established schools do not have but having met are parents, pupils and staff I know that we can work together to make HSD outstanding.

HSD is an environment which caters for pupils aged between 10 and 14 in its first year, who are of average or above average cognitive ability, with a diagnosis of high functioning autism often with language and communication difficulties. Pupils at HSD are at the centre of everything we do. We have high expectations for both behaviour and achievement and see that every learner has a unique personality and talents to be developed.

While at the school pupils are offered a curriculum, which is not only broad and balanced but also exciting and challenging. Values and skills are taught together in a language rich environment which is supportive and safe but also inspiring and exciting. Our school encourages students to begin to take responsibility for their own learning while recognising and respecting the needs of others.

Our team provides the very best opportunities for the pupils who attend HSD. The school community works hard to prepare pupils for future education and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.

Sean Robertson – Headteacher, The Harbour School Dorset