Suggested Areas to cover for Family Fridays

There will be 5 Family Fridays for each class throughout the year. Sessions will be 11:30 – 1pm

Sessions will cover one of the following:

  • Session 1 – Attendance, Academic Subjects, Well-being targets, Trips done or to be done, ensure any outstanding admissions paperwork is complete (see Sian).
  • Session 2 – PACE Awareness for parents
  • Session 3 – Resilience/Mindfulness Techniques
  • Session 4 – Plans for next year
  • Session 5 – Progress – Attendance, Well-being, Academic

Generally – all sessions will include: TIMES ARE JUST A GUIDE!

Guide TimesActivityNotes
N/AMember of SLT, Class teacher and Learning Mentor availableSLT available for initial discussions and 1:1 if parent/guardian wishes.
11:30 – 12:00Coffee, biscuits, selection of sandwiches. – Welcome meeting with other parents, opportunity for open discussion if required.Things to let parents know about include any areas that the whole class are doing e.g. What topic pupils are working on (do parents need any help with the work covered), Aweigh School experiences, Life Skills, Social Skills, RRSA-Special Days (Anti-bullying – All together Programme), Safeguarding/My Concern who is who and processes.
12:00 – 13:00View pupil’s workIdeally done with LM present so questions can be answered
12:00-13:001:1 Review on Passport Plus pupil’s targets and set new ones where appropriate.With Teacher and this is where parents can raise any points that should not be raised in front of other parents e.g. personal questions and any complaints/concerns.

Arrange timeslots for Reviews according to number of parents in attendance.

Pupils by themselvesParents may want to talk at sometime without their child present – be prepared to have an activity available.